**JULY 13th | stray signals ft. bela, Baptist Goth, Marcioz**
Please feel invited to a special evening of music in a new space entitled 90mil. We’ll be setting up a nice soundsystem and giving host to performances from bela, Baptist Goth and Marcioz…

bela |
An electronic music performance merging pungmul, a Korean folk act rooted in agricultural traditions and linked to modern leftist history and black metal in Korea. bela shapes pungmul into the queer ritual of rage and grief with sub-heavy distortions and cries.

Baptist Goth |
Working mostly within process based improvisation, Baptist Goth’s performances link their research into sacred vocal music and extended vocal technique. Combining their voice with the electro-acoustic method, they explore various genres from noise and drone to metal, trap and folk. Their performances play with unpredictability, a direct translation of their lived experience.

Marcioz |
Marcioz projects range from different sounds in South American experimental music to more melodic-musical practices in European concert and pop music. His research into socio-racial processes of an Afro-Brazilian context of mulatagem, colorismo, as well as decolonization, are sonically discussed in his work.

You will receive instructions and an address to the venue by following the link below. If you’re struggling financially at the moment, drop a line to and we can arrange a reduced price. The reson for needing to get your name is that the venue is not public and therefore you'll receive a membership card on entry.

poster by Dre Roelandt
invite link -

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