It’s a new year! Please join us for a double bill on January 13th..

Mason Lindahl is a guitarist and composer based in New York City. Mason's solo instrumental debut album 'Kissing Rosy in the Rain' came out on Tompkins Square, in 2021. After becoming mega fans we had to invite Mason over to berlin for an unplanned stop on his europe tour.

Don the Tiger (Adrián de Alfonso) will present his new concert for radio transmitters, amplified only via FM Radio, interacting and playing with the space and ether as the performance goes.
Don The Tiger's concert will be amplified mainly by FM radios, so bring your own functioning FM radio to actively participate in the performance!

see you there :) Morphine Raum on 13 January. Köpenicker Straße 147 Hinterhof. Doors 8 PM.


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